1 Pc Cord Organizer Self-Adhesive Winder

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About this item 【Cord Organizer】Keep your kitchen more organized with this incredible gadget, wrap your small appliances cords, your counter will be much more organized, it allows you to tuck away that unsightly cord when not in use. It is also convenient for wrapping up your cord before you store it in a cupboard. 【HIGH QUALITY】Our Cord holder is Made in USA, Highly precision and authentic detailed 3D printed with PLA (Polylactic acid),we work very hard to ensure that each item has a high standard of quality. 【EASY ASSEMBLE】Clean the surface thoroughly before attaching the cord wrap to ensure the surface is free of dirty and oils. Apply slight pressure to center of mount for about 15-20 seconds to ensure a good bond and it is ready to use. 【MULTI- PURPOSE】Keep your mixer cord hider and tangle free, Also fits many other appliances with a thick gauge cord (three prong, USA style) such as stand mixer, pressure cooker, coffee maker, rice cooker, toaster and beyond the kitchen. 【STRONG AND DURABLE】This one piece cord holder is durable and Securely attaches to any small appliance with the included double sided heavy duty tape.

 1 Pc Cord Organizer Self-Adhesive Winder
 1 Pc Cord Organizer Self-Adhesive Winder
$2.99 $29.99

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