10 Count Regular Mouth Canning Lids for Jars

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About this item Excellent Sealing Performance: The sealing ring in the lid makes the lid of Mason cans have good sealing performance, air-tight, air-tight, tightly sealed to ensure that it is suitable for the preservation of food, grains, condiments, and beverages, without worrying Leaking the sealing material may contaminate the kitchen or other places. High-Quality Tinplate Material: Our can lids are made of tinplate , Food-Grade,which can be reused many times, resistant to high and low temperatures, the canning lids and bands regular mouth not easy to rust,and can be used in refrigerators, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Split Design: The strap can be used in combination with a silica gel fermentation cap and a stainless steel sprouting cap. The thread on the bottle mouth can increase the friction of the hand and facilitate the opening of the bottle. (Please note that our products do not include canned straps.) Packages and Size: Our product has10 mason lids (not including straps). The diameters are about 2.76 inches/7 cm compatible with most ordinary masons. Cans or wide mouth mason jars, not compatible with other regular mouths.The canning jar lids regular are not suitable for wide-mouth canning jars, please confirm the size of canning jars before buying. Widely Usages: Enjoy fresh food, jams, fruits, etc. Suitable for sealing canned jars for storing spices, candies, biscuits, fruits, jams, soft drinks, tea or coffee, nails, screws, etc.you can use them to store spices,biscuits and other more small objects, or use them to keep drink, tea, salad fresh; You can also use them to do Halloween/ Christmas/ Birthday DIY decorations.

10 Count Regular Mouth Canning Lids for Jars
10 Count Regular Mouth Canning Lids for Jars
$4.79 $7.99

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