16 Pack Hexagonal Acoustic Panels

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If you are serious about acoustic treatment, stay away from normal acoustic foam.This unique sound insulation board adopts beveled edge design and made by 6D polyester fibre raw materials, which can not only reduce and absorb unwanted echoes, waves, reverb and flutter echoes, but also play a role in decorating on the wall surface; Lab-Tested sound deadening quality testing of Linkchance acoustic panels, the NRC is up to 0.95, this means it can deadening 95% echo, noise. Acoustic panel is widely used in theater,recording studio,office, Home Studio etc; Super high density,the Linkchance acoustic panels are made with 100% original 6D polyester fiber which make the density up to 12.1 lb/ft3,it means the board will be more smooth and more pore structure.The more pore structure in panels the better sound absorbing effect. Easy to installation with self adhesive, no special tools or materials are required for installation, you can easily complete your own installation according to the installation instructions we provide. The polyester is also widely used in making clothes, it’s skin friendly and environmental friendly which used in baby playroom, it can prevent children from hitting the wall to in hurt. Specially colored sound deadening panels are also perfect for decorating your recording studio, control room, office home studio, home theater, home office.

 16 Pack Hexagonal Acoustic Panels
 16 Pack Hexagonal Acoustic Panels
$13.85 $32.99

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