20PCS Nano Cleaning Sponge Mag-ic Sponge Eraser

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About this item High Quality - With a Power Clean textured surface, unique 3 layer wave design, and premium quality extra dense foam, eraser sponges easily lift away scuffs and grime, every time. Just Add Water to Erase – Put away those smelly cleaning products. Say no to abrasive. Grab the gentle and effective cleaning alternative. Simply wet with water, squeeze and wipe, letting the eraser do the work. It’s that easy. Trusted By Professional Cleaners – Whether you have an occasional mark or a large cleaning company, you will enjoy the incredible value of our eraser bulk packs. Why spend a fortune on sponges? Stock up, save, and be prepared for any cleaning job. Powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Our unique sponges effortlessly cut through grease, soap scum and “permanent” marks. Use in your kitchen, bathroom, walls, doors, floors, shower, bath, tub, shoes, car, toilet, sink, and more – without the scrubbing and elbow grease. Features - No detergent needed, soft and durable.No detergents required, you just need some water and wipe to remove stains, clean and environmentally friendly. It can clean uneven surfaces or you can cut it into small pieces.

20PCS Nano Cleaning Sponge Mag-ic Sponge Eraser
20PCS Nano Cleaning Sponge Mag-ic Sponge Eraser
$6.99 $34.95

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