3 Pack Bath Sponge 

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About this item PERFECT SIZE - Loofah sponge are 60 grams and appx 4.0 inches. Hanging knot design is easy to hang bath sponges to dry. Premium Quality - The loofah sponge is designed with an upgraded fastening knot for greater strength and durability. Soft Texture - Loofah sponges made from Artificial nylon and Eco-Friendly materials.Soft and fluffy texture, gently cleanses your skin, smooth and comfortable after use. Easy Foam - The dense and fluffy mesh structure of the bath sponge creates a rich lather with very little body wash or soap, also save more shower gel or soap. Gift Set - Great for adults, kids, and toddlers and also be a great shower gift.

3 Pack Bath Sponge 
3 Pack Bath Sponge 
$13.59 $13.59

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