67Pcs Chinese New Year Decoration

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【What Will You Get】: Couplet*2 pair, paper lantern*12pcs, zodiac rabbit red envelope*12pcs, rabbit zodiac door stickers*2pcs, window stickers*16pcs, paper potted ornaments*16pcs, pocket bag*1pcs, a set of 67pcs, rich in variety, rich in type, Contains various decorative supplies required for the spring festival couplet, eliminating your shopping time and saving your wallet. 【the Meaning of the Rabbit Year 】: The rabbit is a positive, kind, transcendence, beauty and peaceful meaning. According to the ancient Chinese zodiac interpretation, rabbits are symbols of sensitivity and luck. The Year of the Rabbit will be a peaceful year. The bunny Hanging and door stickers, cute rabbit brings a different blessing, giving you a different Spring Festival. The new -year element pattern designed with rabbits and some blessings has a good wish to welcome new year's significance. 【High Quality Materials】: Chinese new year decoration is made of high -quality, durable, moisture -proof and not easy to fade. High -quality surface uses high -quality powerful rice paper, which is easier to paste. You only need a little glue or tape to stick firmly. This Spring Festival couplet is designed with the traditional Chinese zodiac rabbit year, fine workmanship and bright color, which can add more festive atmosphere to your home. 【One in One Set】: Exquisite bags can better protect the new year decorations from being damaged. The one set chinese new year decoratio can easily decorate your house and let you immerse in the new year's joyful atmosphere. And bring good luck to your family. Red is a symbol of auspiciousness, which looks very festive, the set let your family to spend an unforgettable holiday. 【Festive Gifts】: Spring Festival couplets are auspicious, joyful, and happy symbols. Red envelopes are ideal gifts for giving money for the New Year. I wish you all a happy family, good health, and a wide range of wealth. Simple Spring Festival text reflects people's good wishes for the new year. The bright red color represents the joy and excitement of the new year. You can also give it to your friends as a holiday gift to celebrate the lunar new year together.

 67Pcs Chinese New Year Decoration
 67Pcs Chinese New Year Decoration
$5.99 $9.99

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