Balance Board Standing Desk Mat

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About this item 【Foot Massage】Our fitness balance board features textured pressure points on the top that gently massage away soreness and keep your feet energized. It keeps your legs and body energized, so you don't get bored during long hours of work. Relieve work pressure and increase life interest. 【Relieve Foot Pain and Fatigue】Do you feel pain in your knees, legs, hips, or lower back when sitting at your desk and working for a long time? This anti-fatigue mat keeps your legs, core, and body active to help improve focus and reduce fatigue and foot tension for increased productivity. 【Gym Applicable】: This Anti fatigue mat is Suitable for anyone who needs to exercise on the balance board. Spice up your workouts and improve your workouts. The all-natural hardwood baseplate can withstand 320 pounds, providing ultimate safety and comfort. 360 degrees rotation and up to 15.6° tilting degree. The direction of movement can be front, back, left, or right. 【 High-Quality Environmental Material】The wooden board of the standing desk mat is EPA certified, which is safer than others, protects your health, and keeps you from harmful substances in PVC material. leather hooks allow the balance board to be hung or placed in any space. 【Slip/Scratch Resistant 】Each anti-fatigue mat has a non-slip standing surface to improve your personal stability. The anti-slip rubber bottom prevents it from slipping or sliding on the floor. It also helps ensure that it won't scratch or scuff wood or tile floors

 Balance Board Standing Desk Mat
 Balance Board Standing Desk Mat
$31.99 $79.99

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