Bathroom Mat

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About this item 【High Quality Floor Mats】We use a rigid carton, you will receive the bathroom floor mat without any creases,High-quality processing and high-quality materials make our mat can be used continuously over a long period of time and the corners does not get curl. 【Innovative Nappa Skin Surface】Unique water-absorbing Nappa-tech leather surface,Advanced diatom mud rubber foam layer material gives the absorbent floor mat excellent water absorption and soft touch, The bathroom floor mat can quickly absorb all water stains without leaving any water stain. 【Non Slip on Wet Floor】Non-slip rubber backed liner and comfortable diatom mud rubber foam layer make your bath mat slip-resistant on wet floors. stick to the floor and it won't run away.minimize the risk of slipping of kids and elderly. 【Easy to Clean】Because of the Nappa-tech leather surface,different from the traditional material.The surface is bright and soft, free of fluff, grease and dust can be easily cleaned by wiping, washing with a shower head or machine wash. 【Wide Use】It's more than a mat for bathroom. You can use it wherever it is easy to get wet or wherever you want to add warmth to your feet. As thin bathroom rugs fit under door, it can be laundry room mat, kitchen mat, pet feeding mat, desk mat, in front of sink mat,etc.

Bathroom Mat
Bathroom Mat
$10.13 $16.89

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