Bento Box Lunch Box – Children’s Lunch Box

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About this item 💕💕Heat insulation : the drinking cup is smooth in material, heat insulation and practical and beautiful. It is more convenient to extract and move: the water cup is equipped with silica gel handle, which is firmly connected and more convenient to extract and move 💕💕The lunch box is divided into two parts: the inner part of the lunch box is designed according to the , and the food is delicious if the food is not tasted, and the tableware is equipped 💕💕Mobile phone holder is more practical: opening the lunch box receiving cover can not store chopsticks and spoons, but also support mobile phone 💕💕Easy to open and close the sealing cover: the lunch box with cover has fresh sealing lock and buckle design, which is more convenient to open and close 💕💕Keep food separated for adults and kids with 3 compartments, plus a cutlery with a spoon and fork .

Bento Box Lunch Box – Children’s Lunch Box
Bento Box Lunch Box – Children’s Lunch Box
$7.99 $79.90

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