Busy Board with LED Light

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About this item 🔋🔋2 (AAA) batteries required: The battery compartment is under the black and yellow cover, you need to open the cover with a screwdriver to install the batteries. Please don't complain about the trouble, this is the only way to keep your child safe. Keep children out of reach of swallowed batteries. 🔑Chip key control: a single chip design, which can control all the LED lamp beads on the panel through a key. When the child finishes playing, there is no need to tediously turn off each lamp bead. You can turn off all the lamp beads at one time directly through the key. Please note: the key is divided into front and back, if there is no response when inserting the key, please flip the key and insert it again to use 💖Quality Craftsmanship Made with Love: Our busy board is very sturdy and all the various buttons/switches/shifters are solidly installed.No sharp corners and nothing to trap baby fingers at all. Cute, unusual, and perfectly safe for inquisitive little fingers, smooth edges, and bright lights. I nearly wanted to keep it for myself 🎁Great Gift for Kids: My little girl loves buttons, switches, and lights...which toddler doesn't?! the one-plus-year-old toddler was delighted from the moment he saw the first light go on, He will get so much pleasure out of mastering the various options as he grows!! our little boy (1-year-old) visits it daily to try his favorites and explore something new with his ever-developing new skills 💝Our Board is Beautifully Made: My nephew (of 2 years), for whom I had bought it, loved it from the moment he pulled it out of the packet. He would not let go of it and was pushing buttons and switches until bedtime and even then his mom had to allow him to take the board into bed. The kids are crazy about it. they only play with this game ✋👀Helps to Train Fine Motor Skills: I have no doubt my son will play with it for many years. Right now, he’s still working out the buttons. In the future, I can see loads of potential for imaginary play. It’s so nice to have an electronic toy that is also tactile and doesn’t make any noise 🚗Portable Travel Toys: We recently brought it on a road trip and it was instrumental to keeping her entertained in the car, and then it was the star of the show when she was playing with the other kids! Our busy board is well constructed and easy to carry, with buttons that are the perfect size for toddlers to press easily. The sensory board is able to keep kids busy for longer than an hour

Busy Board with LED Light
Busy Board with LED Light
$12.49~$14.99 $24.99~$29.99

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