Car Dent Puller Set

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🚕【SAVE MONEY】The dent puller would be worth every penny, even though it may not work 100% perfectly, it is still much less than the cost of a dent repair shop -- can save you hundreds of dollars at an auto body shop. 🚙【Sturdy Material Car Dent Remover】The main body of this puller tool is made of high-quality ABS and rubber material, which is durable and not easy to crack; the middle of the handle is equipped with a metal pull rod and a high-strength spring, which Make the suction cup more pulling force, and can easily deal with different types dents and stubborn bodywork 🚚【How to use】First, pour some 212°F hot water over the dent; Second, wipe the surface of the dent to maximize the resistance; Third, find the right angle, locked the handles to activate the suction,make sure the cup could actually make a suction seal; Then pull and dent gone. NOTE: The dent or ding has to be bigger in diameter than the suction cup being used.(The large puller is 4 5/8”; and the small ones are 2 1/4”) 🚛【Dent remover tool for car】The suction cup dent puller are ergonomically designed with the convenience of a single stroke pump operation, making it easy for everyone to use. Can be used with multiple suction cups to repair larger dents or lift heavier and larger objects 🏎️【100% WORKS?】Not 100% perfectly, even though the dent puller kits can pop the dents out, but in most cases it can only finish about 90%-95%, so if you look really closely you can tell, but without knowing where to look, it's difficult to notice where the original dent was. It may also not works well if your dents are on curved parts of your vehicle. Ridges or wrinkles may break the suction. However, If you thing the car dent puller do not meet my needs at all, you can contact us in any time even though the return window was closed. 🚐【Widely Used Dent Removal kit】Car dent puller kit contains two different sizes and suction of car dent puller tools, which can be used to repair car dents, and lift mobile phones, glass, marble, tiles, mirrors, especially for lifting , move, pull, grab, transport smooth plates. 🚈【Tips for Paintless Dent Removal kit】 1. The dented area should be relatively flat to ensure that the car tool can smoothly discharge the air and form a vacuum. 2. Do not use this product when the car paint is cracked or damaged in the depression. 3.When the recessed area of the vehicle is extremely irregular, the method of multi-point adsorption and simultaneous pulling can be used. 🚃【One Year Limited Warranty】Any problem just contact us, you may return the item within 30 days for free. Backed by DERKAR's One Year Limited Warranty

 Car Dent Puller Set
 Car Dent Puller Set
$6.99 $13.99

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