Coffee Mug Warmer

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About this item ☕ The coffee cup heat insulator automatically closes after 8h, which can prevent potential safety hazards caused by forgetting to close. The product will heat the hot water to warm water and the cold water to keep the water temperature at a proper temperature. Note: This product is designed to keep your hot drinks at a proper drinking temperature ☕ The coffee heater has two temperature settings: 122 ° F for low temperature and 140 ° F for high temperature It corresponds to the blue indicator light and the red indicator light respectively. Note: Do not touch the heating area when the heater is working. After closing, there will be residual temperature on the surface of the coffee heater. Please do not touch it with your hands to avoid scalding yourself. ☕ The coffee heater has a diameter of 5 inches and a height of 0.48 inches. The body is also designed with anti-skid silicone, which is small and delicate, portable and warm. The product is suitable for most sizes of cups, as well as most cups made of different materials, such as metal cups, milk boxes, glasses, ceramic cups, etc. ☕ The surface is a high-temperature and explosion-proof glass panel, which is integrated with the body. The surface is waterproof, and the frame is made of silicone wire corrugated rings. There is no need to worry about the safety of occasional water leakage. The coffee heating plate is easy to use and the surface is easy to clean. ☕ Warm gifts for family and friends at Christmas, Valentine's Day and other holidays. Bring a warm thermostatic coaster and offer a warm love. This fashionable portable coffee cup heater is a perfect gift for those who like to drink a cup of hot coffee or tea at home or in the office.

 Coffee Mug Warmer
 Coffee Mug Warmer
$14.29 $21.99

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