Dental Floss Picks 600 Count

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About this item [600 Count Floss] Hyslor dental floss comes as 5 packages with 2 different-size cases. Each package contains 108 pieces of floss. The large box contains 50 pieces of floss. The small box contains 10 pieces of floss. 600 pieces total. [Super Tuffloss] The tooth picks flossers thread is made of high-strength and smooth polymer material. No stretch, shredding, or breakage during use. [Thin Design] The floss picks have the thinnest, strongest floss design, making it easier to slide into the tooth gap and tight spaces. They are also gentler on the gums and teeth while cleaning more thoroughly. [2 in-1 Function] The flossers effectively cleans residue between teeth and gums. The tail hook also can be used as a toothpick for deep cleaning hard-to-reach spots. [2 Portable Cases] Features 2 different-size floss cases that are convenient to use with a portable box. Hyslor service department is available to answer questions 24/7.

 Dental Floss Picks 600 Count
 Dental Floss Picks 600 Count
$9.59 $15.99

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