Dog Diapers Washable & Reusable Female

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About this item ­čÉĽŃÇÉHigh Absorbency´╝ćLeak-FreeŃÇĹ A double-layer absorbent microfiber pad sewn into the female dog diapers, which can absorb urine easily and wick the moisture away from your dog. An anti-leak design with 100% polyester outer layer, the female doggie diapers can keep messes off your furniture and floor. ­čÉĽŃÇÉComfortable & Snug FitŃÇĹ Puppy diapers are made with a soft, breathable mesh lining that keeps your dog clean and dry for long periods of time. The elastic bands on the belly, tail hole and legs can hold dogÔÇÖs body part tight and provide a comfortable fit, which allow your dog to move freely. ­čÉĽŃÇÉAdjustable VelcroŃÇĹ Our cloth nappies have hook-and-loop closures and are easy to get on and off your pet. Since they don't have a stiff, crinkly, sticky, or noisy texture, they tend to be well-received by dogs. With the handy velcro closure, the diapers will not slip off no matter how your dog moves. ­čÉĽŃÇÉWashable´╝ćReusableŃÇĹ With premium material and well stitching, our female diapers can withstand everyday use and machine washable. When you're finished washing them, just toss them in the dryer or hang them up to dry to conserve energy. Less waste means these diapers are eco-friendly and easy on your wallet. Please strap velco and turn inside out before washing ­čÉĽŃÇÉSuitable for Most Female DogsŃÇĹ Doggie diapers are designed to fit your female dog to provide leak protection for untrained puppies, watching over a senior, female dogs in heat or on period, excitement, urination, and incontinence. French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Corgi or a breed that doesnÔÇÖt have a tail may has issues with keeping the diaper in place.

Dog Diapers Washable & Reusable Female
Dog Diapers Washable & Reusable Female
$12.49 $24.99

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