Electric Breast Pump–2 Pack

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About this item Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump. Beloved by working mothers, the wearable electric breast pump frees your hands and unloads your burden, thanks to its lightweight, wireless design and USB C charging. Thus, pump your milk freely no matter while doing yoga, working, or traveling. 3 Modes & 9 Levels Adjustable. Simulate baby’s suction action with massage/suction/nipple correction mode and 9 levels of intensity. Stimulate milk production to flow, suck to collect milk, or help correct inverted/flat nipples—control the suction time by changing intensity. A 10mins reminder and 30mins auto-off facilitate breastfeeding mothers. Anti-Overflow & Anti-Backflow. Prevent the milk collector from leakage and pollution. A wide-angle silicone pad creates a comfortable and exact fit for the breast so that you can wear it in the nursing bra. Get the milk collector and electric pump separated with all the parts tightly assembled. If leakage happens, please check if it’s installed correctly. Easy to Clean, Low Noise. Except for the pump part, all the parts of the wearable breast pump can be detached and washed clean. To keep the milk connector clean is to protect the baby’s health. With noise lower than 45dB, the baby is still eating or sleeping without being disturbed. USB C Fast Charging. Charge the hands-free breast pump for 1.5 hours to bring it back to work, while a fully charged breast pump works for 140 minutes to finish 5-6 times of milk suction. The milk connector holds 6oz breast milk each time to fill a 6oz milk storage bottle or bag.

Electric Breast Pump–2 Pack
Electric Breast Pump–2 Pack
$46.99 $109.99

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