Garden Plant Trellis Netting Heavy Duty Mesh Vine Landing Weaving Grow Frame

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About this item High quality materials: our garden mesh netting for plants is made of polyester mesh, which is durable and not easy to break, and its strength is enough to support extremely heavy crop load. Keep the soil moist and keep the product clean, firm and all-weather.Trellis netting to provide a superb climbing structure to support your growing plants. Easy to install: our mesh is 6 * 15 feet, with 6x6 inch square mesh, which can be cut to the right size according to your preference. It can be used for horizontal and vertical growth simply by winding and tying around any stable structure or support. Hanging from trees, gardens and even walls.Using the plant trellis netting to avoid a ground contact, making them less prone to disease. Convenience and safety: our garden mesh is soft and has no sharp edges, which is safe for our family; And save tons of garden space. When metal grids are not allowed on your apartment porch, try plant grids. A grid of plants prevents tall cut flowers from falling. If necessary, it can be easily cut to a certain length for easy use. Easy to install: our plant grid is easy to handle, easy to install and not tangled. You can hang it on trees, gardens and even walls. At the end of the season, you can simply close the net for the next year. Safe materials, safe for wildlife and your family, help plants grow in the right direction.Protect your plant from broken branches and bent growth, which will make your plant bigger, healthier and harvest earlier. Widely used: our grid fully meets the requirements of various vertical and horizontal growth technologies. Suitable for tomatoes, beans, peas, grapes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, blueberries, herbs, berries and more fruits, vegetables and flowers. Reduce the risk of ground decay and help plants grow in the right direction.

Garden Plant Trellis Netting Heavy Duty Mesh Vine Landing Weaving Grow Frame
Garden Plant Trellis Netting Heavy Duty Mesh Vine Landing Weaving Grow Frame
$4.79 $7.99

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