Gift for Mom

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【Mothers Day Gift for mom】 Preserved roses symbolize forever love, harmonious family and loyal friendship, make this gift set the cute gifts or present for your wife, mom.Don't hesitate to express your love! 【I Love You Necklace in 100 Languages】 The Pendant necklace use nano micro-sculpting technology to carve "I love you" on the center love stone in 100 different languages, which can display the sweet words [I Love You] with the help of your cellphone, bring the surprise to your lover/mom/friends. Tell her you will love her in a hundred ways. 【Real Preserved Rose】Unique Gift Box Ideas-The impressed Beautiful drawer box , The Gift Box makes it a beautiful luxurious present, also could be used as jewelry box, ring box. 【Heart Necklace & Bracelet Set】A Preserved Rose matching Necklace & Bracelet Set that designs creative , unique ,stylish and Romantic Heart shape,perfect gift for your loved one! 【Eternal Rose】 The eternal rose is from fresh flowers through special processsing to become a eternal rose, it means: No discolourization, don't need water, NO irritability, No pollen, Always like a flower.

Gift for Mom
Gift for Mom
$14.91 $35.50

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