Green Tea Cleansing Face Mask Stick

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About this item Deep Cleanse Green Tea Mask Stick:The Kaolin of green tea mask stick can effectively soften old dead skin and clean pores and dirt deeply and make your skin feel refreshed. After use, the blackheads will soften, swell and emerge from the pores. Just scrape it off and gently massage it with cleansing oil. Please do not violently squeeze out the corner bolts, because most of the blackheads grow in the dangerous triangle area. The blood vessels in the danger triangle lead to the brain. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, soothing acne:Such acne mask stick contains plant extracts such as tea extracts. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and cleansing effects, which can relieve acne inflammation to a certain extent. Oil Control:Mask green tea stick can balance the skin oil secretion, replenishes abundant moisture. Add niacinamide to make skin softer and brighter. After use, please use a moisturizer with astringent ingredients. Easy to apply:The texture is fine and smooth, easy to spread.Suitable for all skin types.

 Green Tea Cleansing Face Mask Stick
 Green Tea Cleansing Face Mask Stick
$6.49 $12.99

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