Healing Crystals Set–23 Pcs

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About this item ✔ PREMIUM HEALING CRYSTALS SET: 22PCS crystal healing stones kit include 7 rough rose quartz healing crystals stone set, 7 raw green fluorite, 7 skull crystals chips in galass bottles, 1 sage candle, 1 storage bag and guide book. They are in well package as a perfect gift for healing,yoga or meditation. ✔ REAL NATRUAL CRYSTALS STONE: All gemstones are 100% natural and pure, Never fadeless, Every energy crystal in kit is hand-selected irregular shapes to ensure the most primitive state.You can used to balance the chakras and enhance chakra healing, helpful for crystal healing, in meditation, natural healing, yoga, reiki, spiritual practices, will bring positive energy for you ✔ CHAKRA SKULL CRYSTALL BOTTLES: The ancient powerful energy of the skull brings and activates the universal energy bred by the earth, and protects the body, soul. You can use skull crystals in your meditation practice to greatly increase your concentration, let energy fill your life. ✔ SAGE AND SEE SALT CANDLE: Sage candles and prayer candles used to purify houses will emit the scent of sage and sea salt when lit, increasing your affinity for magic which can help you better purify or enter a state of prayer, divination and meditation. Start your journey of magical healing with candles and crystal stones, good luck. ✔ BEST GIFT FOR WHO YOU LOVE: The perfect crystal bottle energy set is the best choice as zodiac gifts, Astrology gifts fro women, Horoscope gifts, Birthday gifts for women, lady or juniors. Any enthusiast can't resist this exquisite healing crystal set at a great value, it's perfect for meditation, crystal healing, yoga, ritual, tarot cards, stone massage etc.

Healing Crystals Set–23 Pcs
Healing Crystals Set–23 Pcs
$13.19 $32.99

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