Household Soft Bristle Cleaning Brush

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About this item Press to dispense liquid design One button press to dispense liquid, the brush head can store a certain capacity of laundry detergent inside, cover the lid and press the button behind the laundry detergent can run out automatically, press to stop the laundry detergent will not run out. The amount of laundry detergent is controlled to avoid waste and the problem of not finding the detergent. Protect your hands Frequent contact with chemicals such as detergents can cause some damage to the hands, which can be allergic or red and itchy, so using a brush can protect our hands to some extent, especially when there are wounds. Hangable, easy to dry The brush with a lanyard behind the brush can be hung vertically on the wall to ensure that the brush is ventilated and dry, reducing the breeding of germ. The bristles also leave a breach between the brushes can be better kept dry. For local cleaning The washing machine can clean the clothes and shoes as a whole, but can not focus on just one detail, so once stained with some kind of difficult to wash off stains may not be thrown into the washing machine to clean, and also water and time consuming, this time a cleaning brush is particularly convenient. Note: We recommend using separate brushes for cleaning clothes and shoes or other locations to ensure greater cleanliness and hygiene, so we recommend purchasing multiple separate brushes if there are many items to clean at home.

Household Soft Bristle Cleaning Brush
Household Soft Bristle Cleaning Brush
$7.99 $39.95

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