Natural Skin Care Anti sensitive Facial Cream

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About this item Quickly Soothes and Moisturizes The Skin: Winona Moisturizing Tolerance-Extreme Cream, deeply hydrates, replenishes and promotes ceramides, enhances the cohesion of keratinous tissue and makes the skin look more elastic. Hydrating Texture&Gentle Care: The texture of the facial moisturizer is a translucent liquid with a strong sense of clarity, its soft, oil-free texture is easily and quickly absorbed, refreshingly hydrating and non-sticky. It allows the skin to reach its strongest state to best fight daily stress. Enhances Skin Tolerance: Contains Portulaca Oleracea extract to soothe the skin, deeply hydrate and reduce skin problems caused by dryness. Highland green thorn fruit oil, which strengthens the skin's barrier against external stimuli in all aspects; provides strong protection for the skin. For Sensitive Skin: For seasonal changes, staying up late and fragile, thin stratum corneum, redness, dry itchy, dry skin in air-conditioned rooms, recurring tingling and increasingly fragile skin, Winona facial toner hydrates and moisturizes the skin, strengthens the skin's resistance, deeply moisturizes and improves the skin's water retention. Vacuum Packaging: The facial moisturizing lotion is vacuum packed to effectively isolate pollution and avoid oxidation of the active molecules of the plant extract. Apply the moisturizer to the face and neck in the morning and evening, and adhere to long-term use to effectively enhance tolerance and maintain a stable skin condition. It works better with other products of the allergy relief series.

 Natural Skin Care Anti sensitive Facial Cream
 Natural Skin Care Anti sensitive Facial Cream
$14.69 $20.99

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