Nertpow Cleaner Kit

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Small and exquisite cleaning kit with flocked sponge, high-density brush and metal tip, double-ended concealed design, to meet a variety of cleaning needs Professionally used for daily cleaning needs of airpods, airpods pro, wireless earbuds of various brands, wired earbuds, mobile phones, cameras, tablets and other electronic products Lovely set, easy to clean. You just need to carefully scrape any debris that has built up on the mesh screen with a metal pick and brush to clean it; the longer side of the wand at the other end cleans the casing. Get your airpods sound quality up and clean and save you a fortune. A stylish cleaning kit that's as compact as a small pen in your bag, perfect for cleaning your earbuds or phone on the go! Included in the package: a cleaning pen and a cleaning cloth

Nertpow Cleaner Kit
Nertpow Cleaner Kit
$3.49 $6.99

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