Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker kit with Torch 

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About this item Luxurious Cocktail Smoker Set: When using other old fashioned smoker kits, the burning sawdust residue can easily fall into the cocktail glass and affect the cocktail's flavour. The design of our product separates the burning wood shavings from the smoke and prevents them from falling into the drink. The product is made from natural oak. We offer a more powerful butane torch that burns the wood chips completely, ensuring the most original smoky flavour. (No butane gas) Exquisite lead-free glassware: Our scotch whiskey rocks glasses are made of high quality safe lead-free glass and has a unique shape.The rotating design of the tumbler shape not only adds a perfect complement to the drinking experience, but also becomes a fashion! Imagine that every wine tasting will attract everyone's attention and is impressive. Unusual Whiskey Stones Set: Our whiskey stones are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel in full compliance. Won't rust or corrode, which holds a cold temperature incredibly well; it will not affect your drink's flavor. Perfectly safe to be in contact with your whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or other liquor. Step By Step Cocktail Recipes: We have a recipe for 50 old-fashioned cocktails for cocktail lovers. These recipe cards contain classic scotch whiskey, whiskey sour, margarita, mojito and more. Each cocktail card has detailed ingredients and how-to procedures. You can also scan the product QR code on your tablet or smartphone to reveal the official cocktail video, showing you in more vivid detail how to make an old fashioned cocktail. Mesmerizing Gift For Any Occasion: searching for the ideal gift for someone that already has everything? Look no further! Order the LELEMA smoked cocktail kit for yourself or as a unique present for a friend or loved one. Excellent gifts for him, father, son, brother, godfather, boss, daughter, papa, grandad, groom, uncle, mancave, holiday, valentines, grandpa, Xmas, bday, ideas, Christmas present, father’s coworker, best man, wedding groomsmen. You will get tons of appreciation in return!

 Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker kit with Torch 
 Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker kit with Torch 
$47.98 $79.98

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