Piano Keyboard Notes Guide for Beginner

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【NO STICKERS】The piano guide is made of silicone which is tretchy. It's a "one-piece" silicone overlay for the piano. No adhesive, won't "gunk up" the piano. 【EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE】The piano guide is reusable, just lay on the top of keyboard, so it can be easily removed or installed when you want. 【PERFECT WEIGHT】Weight enough to stay in piano, but not too heavy to affect pressing the piano keys and playing the piano. 【BEGINNER FRIENDLY】This silicone notes is silent, no clicking or other noises when playing. Easy to read and understand, perfect for all piano beginners. 【88-KEY FULL SIZE】Fits standard sized 88-key piano. Some non-standard size 61/54/49/37-key keyboard instrument may not fit properly. You may need to trim it.

Piano Keyboard Notes Guide for Beginner
Piano Keyboard Notes Guide for Beginner
$7.19 $11.99

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