Portable Soft Hair Dryer Cap

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There is no harm in blow drying your long hair! Love it. High Quality: Simply attach the long, flexible drying hose to your blow dryer, wrap the soft cover around your head and adjust to a comfortable position, then keep your blow dryer safe while you apply or remove makeup Start your blow dry at the right angle. Enjoy More Intensive Care: The headband is integrated into the hair dryer cap to reduce heat around your ears and neck, preventing heat and irritation issues and enjoying long hours of use. Easy To Use. These floppy cap attachments feature drawstrings around your head and chin for lightweight comfort, while the longer flexible hose still allows you to walk around and apply makeup. Save Time And Effort: These versatile hair dryer pouches slide over your head and hold securely to quickly start blow drying your hair while freeing up your hands for other items in the bathroom; all to make mornings easier!

Portable Soft Hair Dryer Cap
Portable Soft Hair Dryer Cap
$9.69 $48.49

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