Professional Cordless Pet Nail Grinder

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【Safe and Effective】When both dogs and owners use traditional dog nail grinders to repair their dog's nails, they are easily injured. Therefore, many caring owners choose to switch to electric dog nail grinders. It trims your dog's nails safely and quickly using a diamond grinder. Meanwhile, Heywork Electric Dog Nail Trimmer is equipped with LED lights, allowing owners to easily and quickly check the position without worrying about over cutting, reducing the risk of pet injury. 【USB Fast Charging & Long Life & Portable】The dog nail trimmer is designed with a battery and comes with a USB charging cable that takes just 30 minutes to charge. Fully charged, the dog nail clipper can last up to 10 hours. In addition, our dog nail grinder weighs only 109g, which is very light and easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere. 【2-Speed & 3 Size Grinding Ports 】Heywork dog nail clippers have 2-Speed & 3 Size Grinding Ports, it’s designed for small, medium and large dogs. Normal speed is 5000RPM, high speed is 7000rpm. The owner can choose the right grinding ports and speed according to the size of the pet's nails. 【Low Noise & Low Vibration】The Heywork dog nail trimmers are controlled to less than 46 db with low noise and vibration technology, so dogs are not disturbed when used to reducing pet anxiety and making nail care effortless even for large dogs. 【High Quality After-sales Service】We provide 24×5 friendly customer support, so you can stay away from after-sales worries. If you are not satisfied with Heywork dog nail trimmer or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our after-sales service experts will reply your message within 48 hours and try their best to solve your problem, you can buy and experience with confidence.Heywork wants the pet and his owner to live happily together.

Professional Cordless Pet Nail Grinder
Professional Cordless Pet Nail Grinder
$7.64 $16.99

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