Ring toss Game

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About this item [Ring toss game] Change the way children communicate with their parents and bring the soul closer. Start with interaction. [Increase the fun] When we get together, it will become a fast-paced interactive game. Putting down the phone, it is the best conversation starter. Anyone can play it. It is super addictive and requires simple practice in the early stage. [Scene introduction] Simple indoor and outdoor games, suitable for family competitions, not only increase the interactivity, but also improve the hand-eye coordination ability of adults and children. Go to the party and do some seduce! Courtyards, offices, beaches, family vacations, camping, and even neighbors’ garage parties. [Unique design] is an easy-to-install handheld board game. Equipped with ropes, buckles and hooks, just insert the accessories into the upper and lower bases according to the holes. It can be disassembled, and the installation can be completed in three steps according to the attached manual. [Rules of the game]Put the wooden cups on both sides separately, and move the wooden cup to the opponent by one step each time you throw the ring out and take the bait. When the wooden cup moves out of the end of the ladder, the player wins. You can set different game rules to increase game ability

 Ring toss Game
 Ring toss Game
$13.79 $22.99

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