Surge Protector Power Strip

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About this item Power strip surge protector wall mount: power outlets with mounting holes, reset switch. Plug and outlet extension for rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, garages, basements, cruise ships, etc. Electronic accessories for multiple devices: Works for Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch, xbox controller, Kindle, mobile phones and other charging accessories. Power strip heavy duty with surge protection, grounding protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection and over-heat protection. Surge protector power strip with usb: Built-in 2 USB + 1 USB C port total 3.1A, suitable for various electronic products, multiport charging station for multiple devices with outlets. Extension cord with multiple outlets: 6-feet heavy-duty extension cord, 12 wide outlets (15A/125V/1875W) on 3 sides, support 15 electronic and electrical equipments at the same time. What you can save: Using Nikleb power strips, you can save on surge protectors, 2 USB chargers, 1 type C charger, 1 plug adapter, 1 socket and USB extender, etc, each unit sold with local insurance.

Surge Protector Power Strip
Surge Protector Power Strip
$11.99 $23.99

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