Waxing Kit with 100pcs Strips

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About this item Easy to Roll on Skin: Thanks to triple sided heating, the wax roller kit will melt faster and allow you to get great results by yourself in as little as 20 minutes. The wax will roll on your skin very easily once heated to the liquid. No matter if you're a professional or an at-home user, almost anyone can skip the salon appointment or shave from head to toe to remove hairs at home with the wax roller kit. Swift & Painless Wax Roller Kit: Compared with other wax, Seopri wax roller kit features a great hair removal effect while causing the least amount of pain, redness, and irritation to the skin. Retaining a regular waxing routine can cause your hair regrowth to slow down. The professional roll on wax kit contains a wax warmer, non-woven wax strips 100 pcs, 2 wax cartridges, and wax-removing wipes 10 pcs. 100% Natural Ingredients Coconut Wax: The natural ingredients in the low-temperature wax for optimal hair removal. Removes curly and coarse hairs from the root without breakage. For a richer sensory experience, the coconut wax cartridge offers incredibly hydrating effects and are simple to apply and gentle on the skin. Applicable for All Skin & Hair Types: The wax roller kit for hair removal has an incredible grip on hair, making it suitable for all hair and skin types, including sensitive skin. No matter how thick or short hairs are, the roll on wax kit is there to catch them from the root without cracking or breaking. Leaves no stubble. Perfect for leg, arm, armpit, chest, back. Full Service and Guarantee: Seopri waxing roller kit offers 3-year of hassle-free returns, exchanges, or money-back guarantee. If you don't love your roll on wax kit, please feel free to reach out. Our professional support team will answer all your inquiries within 24 hours. Any issue with the wax roller kit will be resolved immediately!

Waxing Kit with 100pcs Strips
Waxing Kit with 100pcs Strips
$19.49 $38.99

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