What are The Odds (Party Games for Adults)

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About this item ✦ Voted #1 Word Of Mouth Game every year... ✦ ...but now it is a CARD GAME! Once played in the streets across the world, now comes to your home in the shape of a nice sturdy box and cards. ➟ With "What Are The Odds?" trademarked, we hope to trademark your new experience with fun, laughter, boldness, and happiness. You will cry, you will laugh and you may be a little ashamed. ✚ Survive Odds & Dares Like You've Never Seen...✚ Whether it is eating a booger or doing a dance, you will get your friends and teammates to cheer you on and do it while laughing. ✅ Enjoy Gatwick Games' 100% Limited Warranty Guarantee! ✅ ‣ With each purchase of What are The Odds, if you don't totally enjoy it, just let us know via Amazon's messaging platform and we'll provide a full refund and let you keep the game.

What are The Odds (Party Games for Adults)
What are The Odds (Party Games for Adults)
$9.99 $25.00

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